Saturday, July 3, 2010

I made several new pairs of earrings today, but...

Well, everyone keeps telling me to hang in there, and that it takes MONTHS before you get any customers or make any sales.

So, I keep hanging in there, but sometimes I feel so discouraged. Does anyone have any suggestions for me?


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  2. Oh, you make such beautiful things! If I had any money, I'd probably be your best customer ... :)

  3. Oh, thank you so much for such a lovely compliment! :)

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  7. Hi there, I am your newest follower from Follow Me Back Tuesday! :) Good luck growing your business I look forward to seeing more goods from you!

  8. You know, your stuff is really lovely. Have you considered perhaps some sort of give a way or having a wider known blog review and give a way something from you...that may help get the word out? Good luck!

  9. I just want to say: "Don't give up the ship!" and "Hang In There" and "Keep the Faith"!

    It's true that it usually does (short of some "viral" incident/moment takes awhile - read: years (!) to truly get established - but don't let that discourage you! ...

    ... Just keep at it and thank goodness it isn't your day job/sole source of support! And please know that as a total stranger I can't say with my true heart that your designs are beautiful and special... additional comment follows...

  10. I was mid-way into follow-up comment when the power went out for 3 hours last night (and it was the hottest day of the year to add insult to injury!)

    Anyway, I wanted to say that your jewelry really remind me of the gorgeous and glorious creations (mostly earrings) that I bought years ago from very talented vendors (DESIGNERS!!!) at open air markets in FLORENCE, ITALY at very reasonable prices (like yours, also) and then about 10 years ago I was the victim of a home invasion (robbery) and the creeps stole all of my jewelry! I'm still heartsick about it!

    Thus I experience authentic joy when Waterwaif led/lured (?) me to your marvelous Etsy shop where I re-lived that wonderful trip/time and for the first time realized that I could actually replace my stolen treasures with your similar and marvelous creations (in fact yours are even more lovely! Really!)

    So first I am going to enter your very generous giveaway featured at Tara's (Waterwaif's) blog and then after purchasing several of her beautiful designs, I'll start saving (scrounging...) to purchase several of yours!

    So hang in there and I just know that business will pick up once more people are aware of (exposed to) your marvelous jewelry creations.

    (Aside: I do think "Giveaways" are an excellent way to gain exposure and be "discovered". Here's hoping your current one reaps rich rewards and new admirers and followers/fans (aka customers!)

  11. Thanks so much for the encouragement, everyone! And Salleefur, what a wonderful compliment to compare me to European designers! A lot of my creations have a French look. I hope people will buy my things! I LOVE creating jewelry! I have discovered the artist within myself. ♥